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So I know that this is a nail polish blog. And that most of the people following me (so far) are mostly interested in seeing nail polish swatches, art and reviews. But a couple of days ago I ordered some pigment samples from Syn Cosmetics, a newer brand that is practically BLOWING UP in the makeup world. Her products are amazing, and I was not able to pick just a couple of colors so I choose a sample pack of 10. Listen, the colors she has available are just incredible. If you are as interested in eye shadow pigment as I am, GO AND CHECK HER OUT! She also has a newer nail polish line with some super cool glow in the dark polishes on her website as well. While you are there check out I’m Glowing Home, an amazing black and white glitter glow in the dark polish, and Sun Kissed, a really cool solar changing polish! I’m so excited to receive the pigments. Would anyone be interested in me doing a review of colors?